The Dangers Of Oil Soap

Murphy’s Oil Soap, and Flax Soap, are both common examples of vegetable oil-based soap. Murphy’s Oil is mainly intended to clean sealed wood floors. Although they claim no residue is left behind when used properly on wood surfaces (although some wood professionals disagree), when used on natural stone floors such as marble, granite, terrazzo, limestone, or slate, disastrous consequences can occur.

DO NOT use Murphy’s Oil Soap on any natural stone surface. Following our 20 years experience and the Marble Institute of America’s Maintenance Guidelines, we recommend a neutral PH rinseless stone soap, used with an unbleached clean nylon pad to clean stone.

Best and Worst Practices for Terrazzo Cleaning:

Terrazzo is best maintained by cleaning with neutral stone cleaner, grease and dirt-free mops, and frequent dust-mopping. Installations of carpet runners are highly recommended in high traffic lobbies. Occasional re-honing, polishing, and sealing are necessary, based on the amount of foot traffic in specific areas. The worst way to handle terrazzo is to wax it. The wax will eventually eat away at the edges of the floor, and also bleach the colors and make the finish look uneven. CALL NOW FOR A FREE CONSULTATION: (773) 850-0286

Green Clean

An interesting study at found that despite the recession, 4 out of 5 people are continuing to buy green products and services today. We have been striving for greener practices in our cleaning, sealing, restoration procedures for almost 20 years now, helping commercial real estate, construction, and government clients with restoration options that are valuable financially, and environmentally.

Repair & Restoration

When it comes to small and large commercial lobbies, it pays to think about the overall impact a maintenance plan can have. If you only provide the bare minimum in materials and upkeep, it will hurt down the road when floors covered with years of wax start to need costly restoration. The alternative is a natural polish that is maintained by a natural, neutral stone cleaner, with periodic touch-ups.

Pets & Your Natural Stone

Pet owners know there are many indoor and outdoor dangers to pets. When contractors come into the home to do work, new dangers can sometimes be introduced. Our environmental motto is to use water-based cleaners and sealers at all times unless a specific circumstance calls for a solvent-based product (in which case we will only use low-VOC products).

What Our Clients Are Saying...

Over the last few years, I spent much time contemplating what to do about my worn marble floors.  Because the floors looked so bad and were difficult to keep clean, I wanted them to be removed.  Removing them was going to lead to a complete kitchen makeover which was going to be very costly. 

Then, one night I was watching one of those HGTV shows were a lady host bought this old home and renovated it.  The house had white with gray marble floors in the kitchen and thus got my attention.  She proceeded to bring the honing machines and then the polishing machines.  I could not believe the transformation in the floors.  This show led me to you and I must say the floors look better today than they did when they were originally installed 20 years ago. 

I can't stop looking down at the floors as it is so impressive to look at.  The soft white pearl finish is back and the floors beam with colors when the sun light splashes on them.  I cannot thank you and your team enough and will definitely have you back for maintenance in the future. 

Your efforts have saved me thousands of dollars, unneeded mess, and the aggravation of my wife being displaced from her kitchen for an extended period of time.   

Thank you,
Mario Nudo

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